Digital Prototype: Editing AFS lighting data

An Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) is an advanced automotive lighting technology designed to improve visibility and safety during nighttime driving. AFS systems use sensors and control mechanisms to automatically adjust the direction and intensity of the vehicle’s headlights based on various factors such as vehicle speed, steering angle, road curvature, and environmental conditions.

By dynamically directing the headlights to illuminate the road ahead more effectively, AFS helps drivers to see obstacles, pedestrians, and road signs more clearly, especially around curves and corners. It can also reduce glare for oncoming drivers by selectively dimming certain portions of the headlight beam.

the challenge

AFS systems comprise of several components like sensors, actuators and control electronics that need to work together. On-coming traffic must not see glare from the system.

This leads to complex use-case scenarios. Setup and test data for the systems needs carefully prepared to ensure that the system is working in every possible driving condition.

visualizing ADB headlamp data
visualizing ADB headlamp data, defined in the parametric light modeler

the solution

Creating a digital prototype for an Adaptive Front-lighting System allows simulating the system’s behavior and plan the functionality using software tools.

By building a digital prototype, users can efficiently develop and test the AFS system, optimizing its performance and functionality before implementation in physical vehicles.

  • Parametric Light Modeler: Our software includes a parametric light modeler that facilitates the rapid development of physically accurate illumination data. This eliminates the need for iterative optical simulations in the early stages of the project.
  • Complex Light Distribution Definition: With just a few clicks, users can define complex light distributions, streamlining the process of creating accurate lighting patterns for the AFS.
  • Intelligent Model Builder: Our intelligent model builder automatically fills in physically correct data, simplifying the creation of detailed models for the AFS components.
  • AI-Powered Import Filter: Our unique AI-powered import filter converts existing data into parametric models, allowing users to leverage their legacy data and integrate it seamlessly into the digital prototype.
  • Web-Based Software: Our software is web-based and compatible with any device, whether it’s a tablet, laptop, or workstation. Users can edit models during test drives, in simulators, or on lab benches, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Data Security: Our infrastructure is certified according to the most up-to-date ISO standards, ensuring the security of user data and compliance with industry regulations.

Our parametric light modeler helps to develop physically correct illumination data fast. Eliminating the need for iterative optical simulations in the early project stage.

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