luminous optical API

Our Application Programming Interface is your gateway to seamless integration of our optical algorithms into your applications. Our API provides powerful tools and resources to harness the capabilities of optical calculations in your projects. Whether you’re building scientific simulations, engineering software, or lab reports, luminous optical API empowers you to bring first of it’s kind optical computations to your application with ease.

For compute tasks demanding a high number of CPUs or large memory, leverage our high-performance cloud infrastructure. With robust scalability and ample resources, we ensure that even the most demanding computations are executed efficiently. Experience unparalleled performance and seamless scalability for your projects.


Digital prototype building

  • Describe desired light properties of your output beam as parametric model
  • Import industry standard IES files from your ray-tracing simulation or lab measurement
  • Export physically correct lighting data to simulators and renderers
  • Export to IES or EULUMDAT
  • Plot light properties

Optical system computations

  • Model extended lambertian light sources with any geometry or array configuration
  • Model light sources from measured intensity profiles
  • Model light blocking geometries or import from CAD
  • Compute refraction and reflection
  • Focal and afocal system setups

3D data generation

  • Generate free-form surfaces to fulfill the required light shaping for your model
  • Plot and export surface properties
  • Export to CAD file formats
  • Export to manufacturing machines
data structure
example data structure
3D reflector data model

Let’s discuss your ideas

We’re thrilled to assist you! Whether you’re aiming to enhance your in-house optical computations or seamlessly integrate them into your existing software product, we’re here to support you every step of the way. We’re eagerly anticipating the opportunity to discuss your ideas firsthand. Please feel free to reach out to us. Let’s start a conversation today and turn your vision into reality!