Abstract polygonal space low poly dark background with connecting dots and lines. Connection structure. 3d rendering

automated optical engineering

deep tech for lighting and optical surfaces

Lighting Design Accelerated

ies editor for headlamps

Our parametric light modeler is a game-changer! By enabling users to define lighting properties intuitively and efficiently, it streamlines the product design process and fosters creativity. Plus, the ability to export IES files for testing in various renderers or simulators…

Digital Prototype: Editing AFS lighting data

visualizing ADB headlamp data

An Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) is an advanced automotive lighting technology designed to improve visibility and safety during nighttime driving. AFS systems use sensors and control mechanisms to automatically adjust the direction and intensity of the vehicle’s headlights based on…

Howto: IES Export and Import

PLM export file formats

IES files are commonly used in the field of architectural lighting design, simulation and visualization. These files contain photometric data that describes the distribution of light emitted by a particular light source. Architects, lighting designers, and engineers use IES files…

IES file generator

light modeler sketching on tablet

In the hyper-competitive world of gaming, virtual reality and product renderings, creating jaw-dropping visuals is non-negotiable. IES files are the secret sauce that brings virtual environments to life, defining how light interacts within every pixel. The more realistic the lighting,…

Unveiling the Ultimate lighting modeler

parametric light modeler for ies files

Exciting news is on the horizon for all lighting enthusiasts in architecture, gaming or the real world! We are thrilled to announce the beta release of our groundbreaking IES Lighting File Generator, a tool designed to revolutionize the way you…

Automated engineering of optics

Iterative development process
Automation can help reduce repetitive and time-consuming tasks for human engineers, allowing them to focus on more creative and challenging work.

computing freeform optics

polygonal surface
The design of freeform optics is a complex process that involves the use of advanced software tools and computer-aided design techniques. luminous algorithms aims to overcome the limitations of the classical approach.

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luminous algorithms
Our mission is to develop solutions for automated optical engineering. If you are interested in engineering freeform optics - let's get in touch.