parametric light modeler

The luminous parametric light modeler is a first of its kind software. No other lighting engineering software applies the principles of parametric modeling to light. This gives you great advantages as a product designer, purchaser or engineer. You will be faster and more precise in your field of work, saving time, effort and costs in the process.

A parametric modeler is a type of computer-aided design software that allows users to model a product by defining parameters and relationships between elements.
In a parametric model, the geometry and dimensions of objects are defined by parameters or variables, and changes to these parameters dynamically update the entire model.

For the product designer

Our light modeler gets you ahead of the competition as it lets you define your core product characteristics as the first step in your development.

  • Define the function of your product
  • Export data to simulators or renderers for visualization
  • Adapt your model to your clients feedback in seconds – literally!
light modeler sketching on tablet

For the purchaser

If you are looking to buy a custom-made luminaire, headlamp or torch from a manufacturing company our software enables you to see what you will get early in the contract negotiation stage.

The modeler exports the product characteristics in a format that is both human and machine readable. And can be included in duty books or requests for quotations.

In the production phase every characteristic can be compared with measurements to ensure compliance.

measurement report

For the engineer

The complete functional definition of the product can be done before your first click in a CAD or optical simulation software.
The parametric light model is the input to our automated optical engineering solution that will give you high performance free-form optics tailored for your application.

polygonal surface

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