IES file generator

In the hyper-competitive world of gaming, virtual reality and product renderings, creating jaw-dropping visuals is non-negotiable. IES files are the secret sauce that brings virtual environments to life, defining how light interacts within every pixel. The more realistic the lighting, the more engaged your users become – and that’s where our content editors shine.

Baked or ray-traced light?

Baked lighting is used for static or pre-rendered scenes, captures lighting information at a specific moment and ‘bakes’ it into the textures. It does not require real time ray-tracing hardware.

IES lighting, with its ability to dynamically simulate realistic light interactions, proves instrumental when crafting environments that involve dynamic movement, such as characters traversing a scene or objects casting dynamic shadows.

The nuanced interplay of light and shadow adds a layer of authenticity to the virtual space, enhancing immersion and visual appeal.

Striking a balance between these two techniques is often a delicate art, ensuring that the dynamic aspects of a scene are illuminated dynamically, while static elements maintain the meticulously crafted lighting conditions throughout the visual experience. The decision ultimately hinges on the specific requirements of the digital world being created and the desired level of realism and interactivity for the end-users.

IES File Creation for Gaming and Virtual Reality

Content creators and developers often grapple with the need for precision in light placement, intensity, and direction, which can be daunting when done manually. Most lighting editor offer limited features to describe the lighting setup. In contrast our IES generator offers you ultimate creative flexibility:

  • User-Friendly Controls: Describe the light intensity over the hemisphere intuitively with our graphical editor
  • Real-Time Visualization: Generate instant renders to check that what you see is what you get
  • Compatibility with Gaming Engines: Export files directly to work with any IES capable render engine
IES generator workflow
IES generator workflow

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Want to try IES files with your renderer first?

To start using IES files, you can use measured data from luminaire manufacturers.
Jürgen Furrer’s IES library is a collection of thousands of files, ready to download.