Lighting Design Accelerated

The video shows how to edit the lighting files for a headlamp prototyping scene made in Unreal Engine 5. (watch on youtube)

Our parametric light modeler is a game-changer! By enabling users to define lighting properties intuitively and efficiently, it streamlines the product design process and fosters creativity. Plus, the ability to export IES files for testing in various renderers or simulators ensures compatibility and accuracy. This tool is a dream come true for engineers and artists looking to create stunning lighting setups for both physical and virtual environments.

Our software let’s you define physical lighting properties in a straight-forward, creative manner. You can export IES files to the renderer or simulator of your choice to test your lights.

No optical simulation is required to test lamps and functions. This will greatly speed up your product definition process and simplify communication with your suppliers.

Artists can quickly design beautiful lighting setups for real world products or virtual reality scenes.

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